These 40 Women Ignored The Internet Shaming And Proved That Every Body Is Bikini Body
pusheen buttercup

I got cellulite, stretch marks, but am not plus size and have not had children, it's good to get in some self confidence before I have to deal with tiny offspring. A thank you to these women for the reminders of what truly matters.
pusheen buttercup

Summer is just around the corner, and so the gyms are filling up and people are pounding the pavements, trying to get 'beach ready' and achieve the perfect 'bikini body.' Exercise is always a good habit to get into and should always be encouraged, but are these goals really healthy ones?

“Growing up, I think every girl has body confidence issues but I told myself from a very young age to never hate myself.  I always love whatever state my body forms to and respect myself. I don’t hate my body, I don’t give negativity the time of day. I can change if I want to but I’m happy the way I am. Young girls aren’t going to see me and want to aspire to be my size, but they may just learn to love and accept themselves sooner when they see someone like me doing it.”

The fashion world is evolving and becoming more inclusive, with a huge variety of plus-size clothing now available and plus-size models encouraging women to embrace their curves. Chelsea finds the choices and freedom to express herself inspiring. She has taught herself self-love over the years, and chooses to treat her body as though it is a flower growing from a root. “You must take care of it, nourish it to grow, allow the elements to take control and always respect the time it takes to become really something special,” she told us. “Self hate only breeds more hate. No matter how your body forms or how much the ground has to bear of your weight, does it really matter? The heart is what makes you who you are.”

So join Chelsea and these other inspiring women as they explain why simply wearing a bikini is not an act of bravery, and why skin conditions, stretchmarks and cellulite are all part of being human and nobody should feel the need to cover themselves for the sake of others. Go to the beach full of joy and confidence this summer!

(h/t: Delish)